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Trucking and Hauling in Hayward HillsGriffin Trucking

Griffin Trucking provides dump truck, hauling, demolition services as well as products such as dirt, sand, gravel, asphalt, driveway, and landscape materials.

Matthew Griffin, owner of Griffin Trucking, has over 30 years of trucking and hauling experience in the construction business. It has been his life.

He began in the swimming pool construction industry by driving dump trucks, hauling heavy equipment, operating heavy equipment and many hours of hard labor.  After five years, he decided to focus on the dump truck business, and with a little help from his family and employer, he was able to purchase a 1965, 21 year old Peterbilt dump truck. That was the beginning.

Now 29 years later, Griffin Trucking is still servicing customers with small business personal service, several decades of experience, and thousands of satisfied customers.

Griffin Trucking is a Heavy Equipment Grading ExpertGriffin Trucking now has a skip loader to load trucks and do grading. They can haul literally anything from soup to nuts, dirt, sand, gravel, asphalt, and any type of decorative landscape products that is desired. Modern state of the art environment friendly equipment is used.

Griffin Trucking has access to all kinds of construction and landscape materials and is able to provide its customers with most material that is required for their construction project.

We have the knowledge and experience to do any aspect of construction including paving, chip sealing, driveway construction and parking lot repair. We maintain our ongoing knowledge in this changing economy and environment as well as the State of California regulations.

Our customers can count on us to know what we are doing and to get personal customer service and a competitive price.


Muddy Parking Lot – Before

Muddy Parking Lot Before

Productive Truck Parking Lot – After

Productive Truck Parking Lot - After
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